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My name is Lucia, and I embarked on my professional photography journey over 15 years ago. Throughout this path, I have immersed myself in various contexts, utilizing photography for diverse objectives.

CRUDA lab is the space I crafted to share and teach photography from my most personal perspective—touched by sensitivity and creativity.

Who is CRUDA lab? Introspective photography.

"CRUDA lab is where I can share photography from my most personal, introspective, and creative space."

¿Why CRUDA lab?

Who is CRUDA lab? Introspective and experimental photography.

CRUDA lab is brimming with personal references that I consider crucial when imparting my classes, courses, workshops, and spaces.

As a creative and sensitive individual, photography has been an incredibly powerful tool for me to express myself, understand myself, and shape the life I lead.

As an Argentine migrant living in Europe for the past 13 years, spaces where I can share from my experiences and vulnerabilities are essential to unleash my personal expression from an organic and creative standpoint.

As a photographer, being able to share everything I know, have experienced, and am passionate about in this world is a great pleasure. I strive to do so with a sense of equality, communicating and disseminating knowledge and experience from a close, nourishing, and inspiring perspective.

¿Why CRUDA lab?

"CRUDA" is the pseudonym I chose a few years ago. CRUDA represents several aspects; on one hand, it is the Spanish rendition of ".raw," one of the digital formats I frequently employ in my photography. On another note, it serves as a homage to the real, the natural, and the essence of images and things, untouched by filters or alterations. CRUDA is my way of championing our inherent nature and utilizing photography and introspection to bring them to light, with strength and pride.


Every month brings forth fresh proposals within the Lab.

Receive monthly introspective proposals to bring you closer to photography, allowing you to explore yourself from a sensitive, profound, and personal perspective.

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